Exclusively WSBLord Mervyn King

Lord Mervyn King

Governor of the Bank of England (2003-2013)

Speaking from three decades of experience navigating the United Kingdom through one of the most perilous periods in economic history, and more recently leading the international central banking community, Lord Mervyn King engages in a lively discussion on monetary policy and the way forward for the global economy.


  • International Economic Reform

  • On Global Monetary Policy

  • Economic Imbalance

  • A Conversation with Lord Mervyn King

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    Former Governor of the Bank of England Lord Mervyn King engages in a lively conversation on the key issues affecting the global recovery—and what levers are still available to ensure that world markets stabilize in the wake of an uneven period of recession around the globe. Whether discussing the role of central banking as part of the broader economy, regulation and reform or what lies ahead for the global economy, Lord King offers candid and in-depth responses to audience questions detailing a period of great change at home and abroad. His knowledge of European politics and economics as well as financial, economic and political history provides a rich context for understanding the world today.



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