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Christopher Dodd

U.S. Senator (1981-2011) and Chairman and CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

A leading voice in nearly every major policy debate over the last three decades—including financial industry regulation, health care reform and foreign policy—Chris Dodd provides his straightforward views on current global events, what's going on in Washington and what it means for the country.


  • Current Events and Today's Political Landscape

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    Senator Dodd draws on his extensive experience to give audiences an understanding of the impact of current events and the political landscape on such issues as the economy, budget deficit, unemployment, health care, immigration, the future of Social Security and Medicare, U.S. foreign policy, the war in Afghanistan, the on-going unrest in the Middle East and other critical issues facing the country here at home and around the world. Dodd addresses the course ahead for the President and Congress examining the efforts of both political parties as they look solve the major issues facing our country today.


  • Remarks by Chris Dodd

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    Having led a wide-ranging, tireless and effective 36-year career, Chris Dodd speaks with authority on issues of vital importance to America’s future. As the author of some of the most significant pieces of legislation to be enacted over the last quarter century, Dodd discusses the impact that Washington will have on business, the economy, foreign policy and many other issues. Topic areas include:

    • Business, the Economy and Washington: A Look at Dodd-Frank’s Impact on America
    • Health Care Reform: The Effects on the Business and Consumer Landscape
    • Consumer Credit: Reform in the Age of Plastic
    • The Future of Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Policy in the Hemisphere
    • A Family Affair: The Impact of FMLA and Washington’s Role in Helping Families


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