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Gordon Brown

Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (2007–2010); Chancellor of the Exchequer (1997–2007); and United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education

World-renowned leader Gordon Brown is a powerful voice on many of today’s most pressing issues: global economic growth, international security, geopolitical affairs, education equality, and human rights.


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  • Plea for Universal Education


  • His Life, Our Times: Lessons from the World Stage

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    Drawing from his candid memoir, My Life, Our Times, Gordon Brown opens up for the first time about his relationships with the past three U.S. Presidents, as well as with prime ministers and world leaders from Chancellor Angela Merkel to President Xi Jinping. He shares the lessons he learned from more than 30 years as a Member of Parliament and 13 as a Minister. And he describes how those lessons can be applied to the challenges the world is facing today: financial crises, rising nationalism and protectionism, and uncertain bilateral and multilateral relationships. You will walk away from this eye-opening presentation with unique insight into Brown’s personal life and professional career, and unbridled optimism for our collective future.


  • The Response to Globalization

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    Drawing from his unrivaled experience as UK Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and chairman of both the G20 and the IMF Advisory Committee, Gordon Brown analyzes how each continent is coming to terms with globalization—and examines how we might manage the phenomenon better. He explores who might have the correct answers to peoples’ grievances about technological unemployment, stagnant living standards, and rising inequality: Is it America’s “responsible nationalism,” the bring-back-control movements across Europe, or China’s new attempts at global leadership? Brown argues that the way to national prosperity lies not just in getting decision-making right at the national level, but also in developing more effective ways of cooperating internationally.


  • The Future of America, Asia, and Europe

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    Gordon Brown discusses what the future holds for America, Asia, and Europe in an economy with global supply chains and flows of money. What will the world look like when, in the 2020s, 40% spending power lies in Asia and 20% in the U.S.? How will each continent deal with the rising global middle class, expected to double by 2025, and its concomitant effects on transportation, housing, and consumer goods and services? How will Asia respond to a more assertive China and its “Belt and Road” strategy? Brown identifies how new technologies and trade openings create opportunities for regional and worldwide growth—and for your organization. 


  • The Critical Importance of Global Education

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    Gordon Brown believes that they key to developing the workforce of tomorrow is transforming education today. He explains how education unlocks better health, greater social stability, more rights and opportunities for women, and a higher standard of living. In his role as United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education, he works to find funding for the 59 million children currently out of school by persuading national governments and the international community to take their responsibilities to these children seriously. In this presentation, Brown discusses how educated populations boost economies, how the digital revolution is changing the way people learn, and why education reform is essential so both young people and those already working can continue to gather the skills they need to compete.



  • My Life, Our Times
  • Britain: Leading, Not Leaving: The Patriotic Case for Remaining in Europe
  • My Scotland, Our Britain: A Future Worth Sharing
  • Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the First Crisis of Globalization

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