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Charlene Li

Expert on Social Media, Marketing and Leadership; Author of Best-Selling Books Groundswell and Open Leadership

Charlene Li is an influential thought leader and guide on emerging technologies, with a specific focus on social technologies, interactive marketing and leadership.


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  • Disruption Only Works If You’re Obsessed


  • The Essentials of Next Gen Customer Experience Strategy


  • TEDInstitute: Giving Up Control: Leadership in the Digital Era

  • The Engaged Leader

  • The Disruptor’s Agenda: How to Move Fast and Grow Big

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    Transformations are never easy, and digital transformations are doubly difficult because they involve technology. As innovators and disruptors, we must walk the line between pushing our teams to be agile and change faster, and enabling our organizations to deliver on near-term objectives. Charlene Li, who is writing a book on disruption, has given conference keynotes and led workshops on the topic for Fortune 500 companies. She identifies the three things that should be at the top of your agenda to bring about the kind of disruption and transformation your company needs to thrive in the digital era.


  • Creating a Next-Gen Customer Experience Strategy

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    We all know that creating customer experiences is important. But which of those experiences should take priority? How do we justify long-term investments in things like data and personalization—and tie them to business outcomes? We need customer experience strategies that go beyond just making sure a customer’s journey is smooth. We must invest in next-generation experiences that build movements, transform relationships, and result in exponential growth. Charlene Li goes beyond the platitude of “customer obsession” and shares what it takes to build a culture that keeps customers at the center every day.


  • Leadership in the Digital Era

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    Digital technologies have revolutionized relationships, especially between leaders and their teams. To be truly engaged, effective leaders must harness the power of digital communications and branding, rather than remain on the sidelines, frozen by fear and uncertainty. The key is understanding how your personal leadership style can be extended and scaled through digital techniques to achieve your most important goals.
    Charlene Li looks at how organizations manage digital transformations, the leadership required to manage change, and the culture necessary to execute on growth strategies. You’ll learn the art and science of how to listen, share, and engage with your employees and customers in the digital era. She’ll also discuss common objections and concerns among leaders—and how to overcome them.



  • Charlene Li, Washington Speakers Bureau
  • Charlene Li, Washington Speakers Bureau
  • Charlene Li, Washington Speakers Bureau

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