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John Bolton

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (2005-2006)

Described as "someone who sees the world as it really is" and who speaks "with moral clarity," John Bolton provides us with an unparalleled perspective on world events.


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  • Russian Influence

  • America's Relationship with Israel

  • Global Business Challenges and Opportunities During the Trump Administration

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    Donald Trump’s inauguration as President heralds the possibility of dramatic changes in the global business environment. Ambassador John Bolton shares his unique understanding of President Trump’s agenda and policies, as well as what businesses should expect from his administration. Will President Trump reverse most Obama Administration policies, or will we see more continuity than the pundits and analysts have been predicting? Based on his international and diplomatic experience under three presidential administrations, Ambassador Bolton discusses:

    • What to expect from President Trump’s security policy, which could have far-reaching implications on financial and economic stability, particularly in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East
    • The impact of U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other trade agreements on international partnerships and the global business environment
    • The current political risk assessment of any given market or markets, grounded in history and projected forward for business-planning purposes
    • Key insight into trends to consider over the next several months, and future business outlook during the Trump Administration


  • Populism, National Security, and U.S. Foreign Policy in Uncertain Times

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    As populist political movements spread throughout the international community, is the U.S. experiencing a similar movement away from a more globalist approach? Ambassador John Bolton, himself a prominent face of the U.S. movement to raise the profile of national security in federal elections, shares his unique perspective on the current political environment, including:

    • His assessment of President Trump’s foreign policy agenda, and what businesses in the U.S. and around the globe should expect
    • How a political shift away from globalism emerged in the U.S., and what implications it will have for the future of trade, business, and the economy
    • How the Trump Administration and Congress should react to the rapidly growing cyber threat, including strengthening our defenses and building a robust offensive capability


  • Foreign Challenges Facing the Trump Administration

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    Drawing from his decades of political and diplomatic experience, Ambassador John Bolton examines the threats and challenges facing America and its allies, including:  

    • China’s pursuit of an aggressive strategy in the South China Sea and an unprecedented buildup in cyberwarfare, nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and naval capabilities
    • Russia’s efforts to meddle in foreign elections, including our own, dramatically increased influence in the troubled Middle East, and growing pressure on neighboring countries in eastern Europe and the former USSR
    • The Middle East’s continued descent into chaos, with Israel threatened by terrorists, and Iran’s nuclear-weapons program, with ISIS and al Qaeda still menacing America and Europe

    Ambassador Bolton will cover these or other topics of particular interest to your group, either in a stand-alone speech or as part of a debate or panel discussion. He shares with audiences:

    • Insight into the likely contrasts and continuities between Presidents Trump and Obama
    • Recommendations for dealing with strategic threats from Russia and China, and the longer-term threats of international terrorism and nuclear proliferation
    • Provocative thoughts on how to protect Israel’s security and that of other U.S. friends in the region, while bringing lasting peace to the Middle East



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