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Andrew Card

White House Chief of Staff (2001-2006)

Andy Card, the longest-serving White House Chief of Staff in the last 50 years, brings an insider’s perspective and analysis of the Trump Administration and a Republican Congress.


  • The Phenomenal Invitation


  • President Can Keep the Oath


  • A Look at Politics in America

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    With a still-struggling economy, a divided Congress and a number of hot-button issues on the national agenda, much is at stake for America’s future. Andy Card—who served as President George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff when he faced a divided Congress for part of his term—takes a penetrating look at today’s political climate and offers options for both parties to work together on important issues like immigration, education, tax policy, the economy and the other issues of our times.


  • Leadership - Challenges and Choices

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    The true test of a leader is their record of accomplishments. Andy Card was inside the Oval Office as U.S. Presidents and world leaders laid out their vision and agendas for their respective nations. He discusses how he leveraged both strategy and execution and the vital skill of negotiation to orchestrate domestic, foreign, homeland security and anti-terrorism policy and how the same strategy can apply to your organization's business challenges. Using his own personal three "P's" of decision-making, Card demonstrates with concrete examples how to forge the consensus so vitally necessary for an organization's vision or agenda:
    1. How does the proposed Policy affect people?
    2. What Principle does it reflect?
    3. Will organizational Partners who are directly impacted support it as the right thing to do?


  • Managing Amidst Crisis

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    Every day the eyes of the world focus their attention on the White House. The pressure to perform amidst a whirlwind of activity on both a domestic and international level—as well as act as the focal point for handling and managing the enormous responsibilities of the federal government—are staggering. The task of orchestrating and managing the daily life of the White House is up to one person: the White House Chief of Staff. Andy Card draws analogies between his job and the every day pressures of executive-level management in the business world, especially those organizations undergoing change or facing a crisis. Card provides insight on dealing instantly and strategically with changes in perception, changes in the marketplace, dealing with innovation and new technologies, and how to quickly and successfully forge a new corporate culture due to merger or acquisition.


  • Geopolitics and the Implications for Businesses and Investments Around the World

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    In the global marketplace, new business or investment opportunities arise every day. But determining whether or not to do business or invest in developing nations, or nations emerging from recent instances of strife, can be difficult without the insight or experience to properly formulate the decision. Drawing on his experience in the White House, Andy Card was responsible for understanding the infrastructure and political culture of nations around the globe. He provides a broad overview of the current geopolitical strengths and risks of doing business or investing around the world including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America.


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