Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey

Former Sales Director, Disney Institute and Best-Selling Author

Simon T. Bailey creates a down-to-earth speaking experience that engages all learning styles, and will share enthusiasm without fluff. Rather than screaming an answer, Simon will impart enlightening insights and provide actionable takeaways.


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  • Shift Your Brilliance – Harness the Power of You, Inc.

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    Are you waiting for your company or organization to do something? Well, guess what? They are waiting for you to take ownership. The "adult daycare center" is closed and you are now responsible for developing yourself and producing results.

    Business change is moving at the speed of light and to keep pace your organization needs you to be your own career architect.

    What is driving this line of thinking? McKinsey & Company forecasts that by 2025, automation technology innovations will assume tasks now performed by 250 million knowledge workers worldwide, freeing the remaining workforce to devote time and energy to more creative pursuits.

    Whether you hold a leadership position or not, repositioning yourself to revitalize your role within your current team or company is a powerful tool for professional development and rapid career growth.

    You will learn Simon’s strategies for staying relevant in every economy and emerge from this highly interactive session with a plan of action to:

    • Apply core principles for acquiring the "Shift Your Brilliance" mindset;
    • Uncover the insight needed to be a high performer; and
    • Commit to being a Chief Breakthrough Officer in your department or division.


  • Leading Amidst Uncertainty

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    Business change is happening at the speed of light. The leadership skills of yesterday will not carry the day in the new and rapidly evolving business landscape.

    McKinsey & Company forecasts that by 2025, automation technology innovations will assume the tasks now performed by 250 million knowledge workers worldwide.

    To stay relevant and competitive, even the most senior leaders must reposition themselves and their companies – and this will take a mindset reset.

    Simon will address the critical strategies that empower individuals to lead without a title and stay relevant in every economy while escalating their impact.

    He will share core principles for acquiring a forward-looking mindset while guiding participants on how to discover the insight needed to be a leader for the future.

    Finally, Simon will challenge you to commit to becoming the Chief Breakthrough Officer in your organization.


  • Stop Selling and Start Connecting

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    The Gallup Organization states that 70 percent of human decision-making is emotional and 30 percent is rational. When buyers emotionally connect with a brand, they buy more, pay a higher margin, and tell others about their experience. It is imperative for sales professionals to stop selling and start connecting. When they sell, that’s a transaction. However, when they connect, a relationship is created for the life of the brand.

    This shift in selling has tremendous upside potential as organizations experience disruptive market forces, a change in client needs, and unseen economic headwinds. Sales professionals who intend to grow market share by acquiring new customers and increasing margins from existing customers must examine their sales edge.

    Upon completion of this session, your sales team will be inspired to:

    • Shift from selling to live to living to sell by creating a personal brand that attracts new opportunities and establishes credibility in the marketplace;
    • Shift from telling customers about features and benefits to asking high-grade questions that unearth other potential opportunities; and
    • Shift from just selling a service to fulfilling the customer’s wants and needs including how to set up internal team members for success by providing a seamless and consistent customer experience.


  • Customer Experience – Increase Your Revenue with a Spirit of Excellence

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    Customers who have a great experience with a company are 9x more likely to recommend them, 8x more likely to trust them, and 7x more likely to forgive their mistakes and to buy from them again.

    94% of customers who have a low-effort service experience will buy from the same company again.

    85% of buyers will pay more for a customer experience, but only 1% believe that vendors consistently meet their expectations.

    Be inspired to create a simple and consistent customer interaction that produces loyalty, referrals, and higher revenue. Simon’s wisdom and expertise enabled an Orlando-based healthcare system to be acquired and a division of a hospitality company to be ranked #1 for customer service by

    His team also custom-designed a full-cay customer experience program for Boston Consulting Group entitled "Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch."

    Participants will have the following takeaways:

    • Accept personal responsibility for delivering exceptional service; do the right thing for customers not because one has to but because one wants to;
    • Become creative, innovative, and proactive in anticipating and satisfying customer needs;
    • Use the SPARK model for Branding the Moment through platinum service; and
    • Velcro your brand to your customers by focusing on meaningful personal connections rather than stale customer interactions.


  • How to Break the Sound Barriers in Education

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    83% of U.S. teenagers feel more stressed out than do adults, and school is by far the main cause of their stress.

    46 % of all new teachers in the United States leave the profession within five years.

    According to the World Economic Forum, as we march toward the fourth industrial revolution, our young people are not prepared. By the time they graduate from high school, as many as two-thirds of children entering primary school today will not have the skills required to get a job. The impact will be worse for women, who already have less than two-thirds of the economic opportunity that men have.

    We cannot sit by any longer and watch the future of our country’s greatest asset – young people – have their wings clipped even before they soar. Empowered Education is the clarion call for everyone concerned about this country’s economic stability to rise up and transform the system from the inside out. The revolution is real, because the future is here.

    Every educator must possess the mindset to change themselves first and then change the system they are in. anticipate the future economic drivers of the community, and radically overhaul their approach in engaging teachers, parents, students, and the community at large in a new way. This will require all stakeholders in education to lead differently in the midst of uncertainty by:

    • Creating a culture where everyone thrives;
    • Building professional presence of educators in the school and developing their collaboration skills; and
    • Shifting from teacher-centric to student-centered.


  • Brilliant Living – Own Your Future

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    Welcome to the New Normal where there are never enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do. This is a time in history when professionals take their timid feet off the brakes of life, career, and business, and accelerate into the future. I have good news for you.

    The good old days may be behind us, but there are magnificent days just around the corner. Enough waiting around; enough biting your nails; enough tapping your feet; enough wishing and waiting for something to happen.

    Consider this your nudge, your push, your invitation to show up in a big way. Now is the time to make something happen. Simon will share insights on how he reinvented himself at Disney as well as key insights that he’s learned while working with 1,500 organizations in 45 countries over the past 15 years.

    Brilliant Living will teach you how to make something happen instead of playing it safe. You have a choice to make.

    Be average or be brilliant. Which one are you? Will you dare to be brilliant? If so, there are eight core areas of life that one must constantly evaluate to live a brilliant life: spiritual, family, career/business, emotional, mental, wellness, social and financial. Simon T. Bailey leads this inspiring and invigorating session in which participants will learn how to:

    • Increase capacity to be confident in career and life;
    • Understand how and why mindfulness meditation can provide a breakthrough; and
    • Experience a simple tool to use to regularly evaluate the eight core areas of life.


  • Brand the Moment – Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch

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    The Center for Customer Driven Quality at Purdue University reports that 90% of American consumers form their perception of companies based primarily on the service experience. Customers buy more frequently, make more transactions and are willing to pay more per transaction when they deal with companies who provide them with a superior service experience. On the other hand, we all know what happens when a business disappoints a customer!

    To become a brilliant brand that focuses on "Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch", every team member must feel a significant sense of personal ownership. From the front line to the executive suite, Customer Love is all about re-enlisting heads, hearts and hands to create internal alignment, brand longevity, and customer loyalty.

    Unleash a fresh way of thinking about the customer experience. Start a process that will transform your organization’s culture into one that consistently delivers Platinum Service. Teach your team members how to achieve Platinum Service from the inside out and adopt it as a way of life.

    Simon T. Bailey leads this inspiring and invigorating session in which participants will learn how to:

    • Accept personal responsibility for delivering exceptional service, doing the right thing for customers not because one has to, but because one wants to;
    • Become creative, innovative, and proactive in anticipating and satisfying customer needs;
    • Use the SPARK model for Branding the Moment through platinum service; and
    • Velcro your brand to your customers by focusing on meaningful personal connections rather than stale customer interactions.



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