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Alexis Herman

Workforce Expert and Former Secretary of Labor

A successful businesswoman and authority on the evolving workforce, Alexis Herman speaks to today's important labor issues: unemployment, job creation, overseas job competition and work-life balance issues.


  • The Changing U.S. Workforce: Ways To Understand It and Leverage It

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    We are living and working in a new economy - powered by technology, fueled by information, and driven by knowledge. Increased global competition will continue to affect the type of work being done in American workplaces, creating new high-skilled jobs and lessening demand for low skilled work. More and more today, the virtual office never closes. So what will the workplace and workforce look like 20 years from now? How will hard-hit sectors impacted by the recent recession boost job creation in their efforts to reenergize the American and global economic engine? In her insightful presentation, Herman will answer these questions and explore the three biggest challenges that employers must address to stay competitive and productive.


  • The Business Case for Diversity

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    America's workforce transcends traditional definitions and today more women, minorities and immigrants hold leadership roles in business than at any time in history. In making the case for a diverse workplace, Herman will discuss the challenges ahead through a thoughtful examination of current demographic trends and economic indicators. Furthermore, she will outline the five big behaviors that business leaders engage in to create meaningful change and bring her unique insights from public service and the corporate board room to illustrate how innovative and responsive employment practices are necessary to secure both a company's future talent pool and bottom line profitability.


  • Striking the Balance

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    Today the relationship between trade and the role of workers in the global economy is changing. As we continue to pursue policies of free trade and open markets, American employers must increasingly explore the strategic partnerships and workplace arrangements that enhance both their bottom line and public image. In striking the balance, Herman will draw on her unique perspective and experience and will explore with business leaders, new innovations and practicalities that are changing the way American companies do business around the corner and around the globe.


  • If You Want To Have It All, Do You Have To Pay the Price?

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    Alexis Herman believes that there are real and tough choices you must make to "have it all." Understanding those choices and being clear about what the word "balance" really means for you can determine the price you are willing to pay. While she can't add hours to your day, Herman will share practical strategies to make your personal values and work values work for you.


  • Winning In (Workplace) Politics

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    You've got great skills, a terrific track record of success, and a passionate desire to succeed. But do you know - and do you understand - the workplace cultures and landmines that are ahead of you? Herman will share her winning experiences: from starting her own business, to working in the White House, to running the Department of Labor. Tips will include: managing big egos, leveraging relationships, and learning from big mistakes.


  • 5 Rules for the Workplace I Learned From My Grandmother

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    Alexis Herman grew up in the heart of Dixie in the midst of a non-violent revolution in human dignity. She learned some of life's and work's most valuable lessons from her Grandmother. Herman will share Grandma's top 5 rules for workplace success, including: bloom where you are planted, you've got to have a pair and a spare, nothing gets old, but clothes and shoes, make new friends and keep the old ones, and what to do when the FBI calls.


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