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Erskine Bowles

Co-founder, the Campaign to Fix the Debt; Former Co-chair, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (2010); President Emeritus, University of North Carolina; Former White House Chief of Staff and Former Administrator, Small Business Administration

A veteran of business and government who—along with former Senator Alan Simpson—was appointed by President Obama to co-chair America's debt reduction commission, Erskine Bowles is at the center of the national dialogue on what must be done to address America's deficit crisis.


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  • Fiscal America: Math, Not Myth

  • What Americans Can Do

  • On Difficult Political Decisions

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    Given the remarkable depth of his career in business and government, Erskine Bowles addresses many of today’s most critical current events. Topic areas include:

    • The Debt Crisis: The Tough Choices Ahead for America
    • Reforming America’s Education System