Exclusively WSBMike Barnicle

Mike Barnicle

Political and Social Commentator, MSNBC

Known for his straight-talking style, Mike Barnicle rouses audiences with his smart, candid and often witty take on the absurdities of modern life.


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    For those who agree with the legendary Tip O'Neill who said, "All politics is local," - Mike Barnicle's thoughtful commentary will provide an informative and entertaining look at how politics, the economic environment and social change affect our lives. Barnicle has a knack for looking at today's news and offering up a point of view that considers the impact on workers, families, children and society. Whether looking at serious news from Congress and the Trump Administration or the less serious absurdities of everyday life, Barnicle's funny, at times irreverent, but always timely blend of humor and content make him a crowd-pleaser.


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