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Tony Scott

Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States (2015–2017); Chief Information Officer, VMware, Inc. (2013–2015), Microsoft (2008–2013) and The Walt Disney Company (2005–2008)

An innovative leader in information technology for global brands and the federal government, Tony Scott shares leading-edge approaches to enterprise cybersecurity and the transformational power of digital modernization.


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  • A Design Paradigm That Needs to Change


  • The Mission of IT and the Economics of Upgrading Systems


  • Navigating Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions

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    A leading expert in enterprise cybersecurity who created and executed key strategies for some of the world’s largest corporations as well as the federal government, Tony Scott provides modern digital approaches for securing the future of your organization. He draws on his 40 years of experience in both the private and public sectors to guide audiences toward effectively addressing the challenges of this new era. In this multi-faceted presentation, audiences will discover:

    • How to stay ahead of leading-edge cyber criminals at the enterprise level
    • What businesses can learn from hackers
    • What the future of cybercrime and security looks like


  • Information Technology: Leading Change and Driving Innovation

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    Digital modernization is the key to thriving business models of the future. With unmatched experience in both the private and public sectors, including heading up information technology infrastructure for the federal government, Tony Scott shares insight into the steps every business needs to take to remain competitive in a rapidly transforming era. Audiences will learn:

    • How to foster breakthrough innovation by digitizing your business model
    • Why adoption of cloud-based IT management is more important than ever
    • How to successfully confront the enterprise-level challenges of digital modernization


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