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Tony Abbott

Prime Minister of Australia (2013–2015)

An engaging, decisive leader during one of the most turbulent times in Australian politics, Tony Abbott provides timely and candid analysis of the most complex and critical issues facing our world today.


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  • The Lesson of Margaret Thatcher’s Life

  • The Risk of Misguided Altruism

  • Remarks by Tony Abbott

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    Tailoring his remarks to the needs of your audience, Tony Abbott is able to explore a wide variety of subject matter such as: the global economy; global trade; leadership; terrorism and security in the 21st Century; foreign policy; Europe; China; the Middle East; the future of Asia from a Western perspective; indigenous Australia; welfare state; political outlook; and behind-the-scenes insight to timely geopolitical events.


  • The Future of China and the Asia Pacific Region

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    During Tony Abbott’s tenure as Prime Minister, Australia became the first Western country to enter into a free trade agreement with China. As such, Abbott has strong ties with China and is uniquely qualified to discuss and explore the country’s short- and long-term future. Abbott is additionally able to provide an acute Western perspective on the most pressing geopolitical and global economic issues of the day as they relate to Asia.


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