Live, interactive online events that deliver your speaker's expertise right to your audience's desktops

Now there’s a way to get your speaker and your people together, even when you can’t be face-to-face. WSBWebEvents put your speaker on camera, live, and then give your audience members the opportunity to interact directly with your speaker while online in a moderated question-and-answer session.

Far from the static, web-based PowerPoint presentations with poor sound quality that you may have experienced, WSBWebEvents feature clear video and audio, supporting visuals and audience interaction.

Whether your audience is ten or 2,000, and your setting is a high-volume venue or an intimate boardroom, WSBWebEvents offer an engaging way to connect you with the world’s greatest minds.

Each WSBWebEvent includes:

  • Speaker coordination, from content and event planning through on-location webcasting the day of your event
  • One hour of professionally produced, live streaming online video of your speaker
  • Interactive question-and-answer options for your audience of up to 1,000 people*
  • An event archive hosted for up to 30 days

*To view and participate in a WSBWebEvent, audience member computers require the free Adobe Flash Player and an Internet connection with a download speed of 500kbps or more. WSBWebEvents and the corresponding archive of the event are booked for up to 1,000 registered participants, but larger audiences can be supported. Ask your WSB sales team representative for details.


  • Overcoming the Odds and Embracing Change

    Mike Krzyzewski (Exclusively WSB)