Build excitement and enthusiasm around your event with original, tailored online video featuring your speaker

Enhance your promotion using custom online video delivered by your event speaker. Your speaker can provide brief, casual online video that:

  • Greets attendees
  • Offers a sneak peek of keynote content
  • Helps you promote registration
  • Asks for feedback and suggestions from your audience

WSBPromoVideos provide a custom video message designed specifically for you and your event. Whether you choose to enhance your program by incorporating original video content to intrigue your audience or choose to use digital video for less than the cost of a traditional mail drop, WSBPromoVideos easily layer into your marketing campaigns to help increase registrations.

Each WSBPromoVideo includes:

  • Your speaker on camera, speaking directly to your audience
  • 60-90 seconds of unscripted content
  • Tailored, casual video shoot
  • Explicit mentions of your organization, event, date and location
  • Project management from speaker coordination to video collection and video promo delivery

WSBPromoVideos can be delivered in the following ways:

Screening Room
Branded Screening Room
A video player with graphics that match your branding.

Microsite - Watch and Register:
Branded Microsite - Watch and Register
A webpage with a video player and a link to your registration page to drive attendance.

Sample JavaScript Embed Code

<script  type='text/javascript' 

Embed Code
We provide you with the embed link to the video player that you can post on your own website.